Travel Advice & Medicals

Travel Medicine Advice

When planning your next overseas Trip, it’s important to discuss your travel plans with your doctor with plenty of time before you leave. Ensuring your routine immunisations are up to date, obtaining specific travel vaccines and advice on specific disease risk and precautions can help make your trip a healthy and enjoyable one.


Skin Checks

It is important to have regular skin checks, especially if you work or spend a lot of time outdoors.

All our Doctors are able to do general skin checks and refer you to a specialist if necessary.


Employment & Aviation Medicals

We have Doctors who specialise in Aviation Medicals.


Minor Surgical Procedures

Minor procedures can be done in our fully equipped Treatment room, such as:

  • Wound management,
  • Vaccinations,
  • Excisions
  • Venesection,
  • Mirena Insertion
  • Aclasta Infusions
  • Implanon Insertion